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California Code of Regulations

California Code Of Regulations
Extracts Pertaining to Seed Inspection 


Article 4. Certification

  • Seed-Certifying Agencies.
    1. Recognized Agency. The Secretary, after consultation with the Director of the University of California Agricultural Experiment Station, as provided in Section 52401 of the Food and Agricultural Code, finds that the following is qualified to certify as to variety, type, strain, and other genetic characters of agricultural and vegetable seeds, and is hereby officially approved and recognized as a seed-certifying agency within the meaning of the California Seed Law: California Crop Improvement Association, a nonprofit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of California.
    2. Official agencies authorized by law to certify as to matters of fact respecting agricultural or vegetable seeds are not construed to be "seed-certifying agencies" within the meaning of Section 52482, Food and Agricultural Code, and such certification does not authorize representation of seed so certified as "certified seed" unless expressly provided by law.
  • Cooperation with Seed-Certifying Agencies. All services performed at the request of and in cooperation with an officially recognized seed-certifying agency shall be performed in accordance with the rules and regulations of that agency, insofar as consistent with the provisions of the law.