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October 2023

  • Research Awards
  • Minimum Fee Increase
  • Important Dates
  • Staff Update
  • Acreage Report
  • Seed Sampler Training update
  • New features of CCIA website

Newsletter Archive:

March 2023

Acreage Reports, Director Update, Crop Update – Alfalfa, Rice, and Sunflower, Turfgrass Fee Restructuring, Potato Standard Amendment, Seasonal Field Inspectors Needed, Seed Sampler training, PSA Meeting Summary Outreach, FFA Support & Scholarship Awarded

April 2022 Meet Lauren Port, Thank You to John Palmer, Director Update, Website Update, Pin Fee Increase for Isolation Maps, Sunflower Isolation and Pinning Map Fees, Certified Seed Sampler Training
October 2021 New CCIA Executive Director, New Foundation Seed Program Executive Director, District Elections, 2021 Acreage report, LacTracker Program, Research Awards, 2021 Rice Season, Scholarships Awarded
March 2021 Directors seated at board meeting, 2020 Acreage report, In Memoriam - Dr. Lynn Gallagher, Seed Sampler Certification Program Update, 2020 Rice Seed Update – Red Rice Focus, Seed Potato Certification 2020, Scholarships Awarded
July 2020 Research Funds Awarded, New Board Officers, Scholarship Awarded, Hemp Update
October 2019 In Memoriam - Jack DeWit, CCIA President Lance Atkins Stepping-down, Research Funds Awarded for 2019-2020, Hemp Update, Arizona Seed Trade Pining Map, Crop Acreage Report, Scholarships Awarded
April 2019 Important dates, Sunflower standards change, Directors update, New website design, Hemp update, Seed Sampler Training Program Update, Pre-Variety Germplasm update
October 2018 CCIA Bylaw amendment notification, Seed Sampler training dates, Research funds awarded, CUF 101 update, Scholarships awarded, How to become a voting member, Weedy red rice, Industrial hemp update, Pre-Variety Germplasm Program, Redesign of CCIA website, 2018 Crop year statistics.
March 2018 Changes to the CCIA Board of Directors, Sunflower field history, New online forms available, Seed Sampler training, Request for Proposals, Expanded Prohibited/Restricted weeds list, Pre-Variety Germplasm update
October 2017 Scholarships awarded, CCIA Joins the Seed Innovation Protection Alliance, Research awards for 2017-2018, Rice Quality Assurance Program launched, Industrial hemp seed certification, Staff retirement, 2017 Acreage report
May 2017 Small grain and Alfalfa field day, Blend requests now available online, California rice commission recommends planting certified seed, CCIA Board of Directors new officers, Scholarship awarded, Larry Frame joins the UCD Foundation Seed Program
January 2017 Useful tip to manage your applications, Scholarship award to Fresno State student, AASCO CCIA Certified Seed Sampler Program, 2016 applied and approved acreage report, Woodland FFA wins State Championship Agronomy judging contest and goes on to complete at nationals
October 2016 New online tag and blend request program, Upcoming elections for Districts II, IV, VI, VIII, CCIA Board of Directors welcomes two new directors, AOSCA/CCIA standards change for sunflowers, AOSCA/CCIA standards change for wheat seed testing, Seed Sampler Training courses offered, Scholarships awarded, Seed certification fee increase announced
March 2016 Board of Directors update, Seed Sampler Training in Davis, Heritage Grain Seed Quality Assurance Program, Bob Stewart retires from the CCIA, Changes to Foundation Seed Program
October 2015 Applications to produce certified seed, Reminders, Grower signature form updated, Seed laboratory recognition program discontinued, Genetic purity of CUF 101 to be tested, Change to certification sample form, Acreage report 2011-1015, Scholarship awarded to Fresno State student, Harvester cleanout video, Variety certification
July 2015 Research grants awarded, Update your company profile, Change in research fees, Seed sampler training program, Change to cotton standards, Certification training meeting, Grey tag fees, New tag request procedure, Scholarships
January 2015 New Executive Director, Annual members meeting, Renewal of perennial crops, Director election results, Update from the CCIA AASCO Seed Sampler Training Program, Scholarships awarded, Bean conditioners, International delegations, Updated CCIA website
August 2014 Remembering Larry Teuber, Search for Executive Director, Change in small grains research fees, Seed conditioner information (applications, data entry of lab results, email requests for reference samples), Rice standard update for colored bran off-types, Scholarship recipients, Harvesting reminder, Good-bye to Barbara Bassett
January 2014 Annual members meeting, Renewal of perennial crops, Thank you to Scott Hudson, Conditioner data entry of lab results, Applied and approved acreage report for last 5 years by crop
November 2013 Drawing application maps, Isolation pin notification, Staff focus on Ashley Koala, Proper packaging for seed samples, Important points to remember when drawing maps, Include certification numbers on Reports of Analysis, Scholarships
July 2013 Goodbye to Bob Ball, Director Election Results, Seed Sampler Training, Teuber Appointed to PVP Board, Lab Report of Analysis Reminder, AOSCA update, Scholarships, Harvesting Reminder
December 2012 New Director for the UCD Foundation Seed Program, Application renewals for perennial crops, Holiday office closure, Information for Agricultural Commissioner Offices, Research fee reminder, Sample forms, Certification numbers are important on the lab reports of analysis
September 2012 Certification numbers are important on the lab reports of analysis, Scholarship information, Harvesting reminder, Ag Commissioner information, Seed Lab Recognition Program, Staff focus-Catalina Oramas & Kitty Schlosser, History of the CCIA - part 3
April 2012 Annual Member's meeting, Reminder-change in research fees, Scholarships information, Field days & meetings, Staff focus-Catalina Oramas, Rice Experiment Station centennial celebration, History of the CCIA - part 2, Seed Biotechnology Center educational opportunities
January 2012 Change in research fees, Application for renewals for perennial crops, New field inspection summary, Position available at CCIA, Clarification to alfalfa seed standards, Scholarships awarded, Grower Opportunity Zones (GOZ), What is AOSCA?, Reminder - harvester inspection, FOV 4 in cotton, History of the CCIA - part 1
August 2011 Applicant/grower communication, Director elections, Seed conditioner-reference samples & lab reports of analysis, Alfalfa Seed Stewardship Program, Updated seed transfer form, From one Bob to another, New requirement for grain and grass variety review, Scholarship recipients, Staff Focus - Claudine Clark, Katy Soden, Danielle Bowman
April 2011 Annual member's meeting, New director, Membership, Correction, Scholarships, Harvester inspections, ASSP, Isolation map, Historical note, SLRP, Staff Focus - Pablo Guzman, Bags wanted, Blend numbers, Ag day at capitol
August 2010 Application numbers required for seed cert requests, Online tag request form, Elections, Stewart AOSCA president, Seed lab recognition program, Harvester inspections, Staff Focus - Bob Stewart
April 2010 Annual Members meeting, Spotlight on bean standards, Appropriate stock documentation on field applications, Scholarships, Seed Lab Recognition Program, Accepted dates on seed lab reports of analysis, Director Focus - Shannon Mueller, Staff Focus - Kitty Schlosser
February 2010 Labeling requirements for blends, Renewals due, Scholarships, Recertification, Update organization information, Staff Focus - Nicole Hostert
October 2009 New directors, Research fee increase, Online seed cert requests, Application assignments by crop, Staff Focus - Larry Teuber
April 2009 Scholarships, Elections results, Members meeting, Variety amendment, Certification Technical Committee, Seed Lab Recognition Program, Sampling, New crop standards, Organic certification, Staff Focus - Mary Voorhees
October 2008 Acreage report, Online seed inspection reports, Alfalfa standards, New application year, New publication of interest, Director Focus - Jack De Wit, Staff Focus - Bob Simas & Barbara Bassett
March 2008 Membership meeting, Late fees, Scholarships, New crop standards, Cotton FOV4, Change in fees, Variety updates, Staff Focus - Timothy Blank
December 2007 New application year, Variety names, Scholarships, Varietal certification, Staff Focus - Alex Mkandawire
August 2007 Membership meeting, Reorganization, Online applications, New cert numbers, Liberty link testing, Round-up Ready alfalfa update, New cotton standards, Research funds awarded, Organic audit