Submitted Sample Sizes for Certification

*1 - Four hundred fifty (450) gram sample (of one thousand [1,000] pure live seed) should also be submitted for Ascochyta Blight (Ascochyta rabiei) testing.

*2 - Although not an official seed standard, all certified rice seedlots (minimum 30 gram sample) must be tested for rice blast (Pyricularia grisea) and results sent to CCIA.

*3 - Prior to the issuance of a seed inspection report the results of a 30,000 seedling growout (or 10% by seed count on lots smaller than 300,000 seeds) for BFB must be provided to the CCIA. The applicant is also responsible for maintaining a 35,000 PLS archive sample (or 10% by seed count) for the duration of the marketing of the seed lot.

Reviewed November 2023*